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Леонардас Улявичюс - туба(mp3).




Oystein Baadsvik - Prelude, Fnugg and Riffs (2007)






Oystein Baadsvik - Tuba Works (1993)






walter hilgers - tuba tubissima






ITEA Legacy Series - Harvey Phillips
HARVEY G. PHILLIPS is described by Gunther Schuller as a legend among brass players and other instrumentalists . . . the major progenitor in his field . . . his efforts on behalf of other musicians never cease." A world renowned artist, Phillips' performances include two dozen Carnegie Hall (NYC) solo recitals, the first solo tuba recital at the Library of Congress, over two hundred clinic/recitals at colleges and universities throughout the world, with international tours of Japan, Australia, Scandinavia and Europe. He has been referred to by the press as "Paganini of the Tuba", TubaMeister", "Iacocca of the Tuba", and "Mr. Tuba", a title conferred upon him by his teacher, the late William J. Bell.

Harvey Phillips,  "The Paganini of the Tuba"

The eclectic diversity of music chosen for this CD is selected from little known professional recordings and live clinician appearances with a variety of ensembles over the years.

Handel -  Sonata for Flute & Continuo with Andrew Lloyd, flute

IV. Vivace,

V. Gavotte

VII. Allegro

Youmans - The Carioca with Burke-Phillips All Star Concert Band

Brittain - Thumbs Up with US Navy School of Music Stage Band

Benson - Helix 1-Dancing-Rollicking with  High School Symphonic Band (Interlochen)

Raggamuffin - "The Leasebreakers"

Albam - A Brief History of the Blues with Doc Severinsen, Trumpet

Carisi - Varsity Drag from "A Greek in Dixieland"

David Baker speaks

Baker - Sonata for Tuba & String Quartet Movement 2 with Composer's String Quartet

Richard Peaslee speaks

Peaslee - The Devil's Herald

Gunther Schuller speaks

Schuller - Capriccio for Tuba and Chamber Orchestra with New England Conservatory Orchestra

Wilder - Song for Carol with Bernie Leighton, Piano

Sauter - Blue Moon The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

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Art of the Tuba

1.  Lieder (5), Op. 38: no 1, Gluckwunsch by Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Written: 1947; USA
    Length: 2 Minutes 42 Secs.

2.  Begegnung for cello & piano by David Popper
Mareva Becu (Piano), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
Period: Romantic
    Length: 2 Minutes 1 Secs.

3.  Sonata for Bass Tuba and Piano by Paul Hindemith
Mareva Becu (Piano), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
Written: 1955; USA
    Length: 11 Minutes 2 Secs.

4.  Triangles, for horn, trombone & tuba by John Stevens
Fabien Wallerand (Tuba), David Defiez (French Horn), Nicolas Vallade (Trombone)
Written: 1978
    Length: 10 Minutes 28 Secs.

5.  Allegro Fuoco, for tuba & piano by Roland Szentpa'li
Mareva Becu (Piano), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
Written: 2005
    Length: 6 Minutes 19 Secs.

6.  Parallels, for tuba & piano by Romhanyi Aron
Mareva Becu (Piano), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
Written: 2008
    Length: 2 Minutes 48 Secs.

7.  Deep Memories, for 3 tubas by Michel Godard
Michel Godard (Tuba), Stephane Labeyrie (Tuba), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
    Length: 6 Minutes 53 Secs.

8.  Vin~ales, for 3 tubas by Fabien Wallerand
Stephane Labeyrie (Tuba), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba), Michel Godard (Tuba)
    Length: 5 Minutes 58 Secs.

9.  Autumn, for tuba & piano by John Stevens
Mareva Becu (Piano), Fabien Wallerand (Tuba)
    Length: 5 Minutes 49 Secs.

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Oeuvres de Duvernoy, Gallay, Kellaway, Lemeland et Leze
Daniel Catalanotti, cor ; Bernard Lienard, tuba ; Julien Gue'nebaut, piano
Support : CD
Genre musical : Classique - Musique de chambre

Играют французскую музыку 18 века: Галлэ, Дювернуа. И еще много чего.

1         R.Kellaway Sonoro pour Cor, Tuba et Piano
2-4      J.-F.Gallay Sonata#1 pour Cor et Tuba
5         J.-F.Leze Tango у Passo Double pour Cor, Tuba et Piano
6-8      J.Duvernoy Sonata#2  pour Cor et Tuba
9         A.Lemeland Fanfare Liontaine et Marche
10-12  J.-F.Gallay Sonata#2 pour Cor etTuba
13-16  J.-F.Leze Cancoes Lunares pour Cor, Tuba et Piano
17-19  J.-F.Gallay Sonata#3 pour Cor etTuba
20       R.Kellaway Dance of the Ocean Breeze

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ух ты Паша!? Чо? Полку перед новым годом решил разобрать с дисками? Похвально. Интересный материал. Спасибо тебе.



Это от Дяди Вали подгон. Он у нас за Деда Мороза:)



Tom Mc Caslin, Inside Out

1. Relentless Grooves 2: Armenia, for tuba (or euphonium) and pre-recorded accompaniment  (7:22)
   Composer  Sam Pilafian (1949 - )

2. Concerto for tuba & wind ensemble (also version for tuba & piano by the composer)  (12:44)
   Composer  Jorge Salgueiro (1969 - )
3. Outside now again  (2:39)
   Composer  Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)
4. Sonata for tuba & piano  (16:02)
   Composer  Juraj Filas (1955 - )
5. Rebellion, for solo tuba  (7:22)
   Composer  Franзois Thuillier (1967 - )
6. Tribute, for tuba & piano  (5:29)
   Composer  Elizabeth Raum (1945 - )